Dream Machine Bicycle Puts Riding Comfort First

Not everyone who runs around on a bicycle enjoys wearing spandex shirts paired with tight shorts sporting neon lines.  Really, who would have thought?  Some folks really just like bicycling for light-impact exercise.   And for them, the Dream Machine Bicycle might prove to be just the right choice.

Designed to offer the traditional balance of a mountain bike, without any of the discomforts, the two-wheeled pedal pusher strips off the aggressive styling.  In its place are functional additions, such as wide saddles and back support, allowing for all-day pleasant riding.

The Dream Machine Bicycle features a semi-recumbent riding position, made possible by a wide panel, adjustable backrest for maximum on-road comfort.  Buyers get three options in thickly-padded seats: an 11-inch saddle for aggressive riders, a 15-inch luxury saddle and a quirky-looking 17-inch bench seat for the ultimate in crotch pain relief.  Both seats and elevated handlebars are adjustable to conform to all cyclists 5’3” and taller.  Other features include a low step-through aluminum frame, 26-inch all-terrain Combi tires,  Shimano 21-speed derailleur and an accompanying zippered pack for stocking all your road gear.

Only caveat?  Possibly as far from the sporty bicycles all the cool kids are toting around, you’ll likely find more in common with the bicycles all the retired senior citizens are rolling in the park with.  Certainly not a bad thing, but it could hamper your game, playa.

According to the sales page, the Dream Machine Bicycle will require some assembly during delivery.  But it’s still a bicycle, so even a twelve-year old should be able to figure it out.  The 11-inch saddle version is on discount sale for $599, while the 15- and 17-inch variants retail for $725.

[Herrington via Red Ferret]