Dremel’s New Rotary Tool Uses Your Shop-Vac’s Suction For Power


Your vacuum cleaner is now a rotary tool. At least, that’s what happens when you hook up that vacuum to the Dremel VRT1-1/5, a handheld tool that uses the vacuum’s suction to power its spinning mechanism.

That’s right, the newest Dremel doesn’t come with an integrated motor, choosing to rely on the power of your shop-vac to get through a variety of grinding, sanding, or drilling tasks, instead. Even better, the connected vac will suck up all the dust and debris you produce during the job, so your workspace gets cleaned up at the exact same time.


The Dremel VRT1-1/5 looks like a standard handheld die grinder, except with a hole on the backend for plugging in the hose of your wet/dry shop-vac. All accessories that can work with other Dremels should work fine with it, too, so you get a full load of potential applications. It should be quite the decent rotary tool, with the ability to hit speeds of up to 35,000 revolutions per minute, although the lack of torque makes it untenable for heavier jobs. As such, the company recommends using it for small and dusty projects, where the integrated vac can do a whole lot of good in reducing the amount of airborne dust and scattered debris.


If you already have a rotary tool, there’s a good chance you won’t really be interested in getting a new one with even less power than the one already in your workshop. When you do a lot of small jobs that are particular heavy on the dust, however, the Dremel VRT1-1/5 should help you minimize all those post-project cleaning tasks, which should make it a worthy purchase, especially at the $29.99 retail price.

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