Dremel Versa Power Tool Will Save Your Wrists From The Toughest Cleaning Jobs


We use power tools for jobs that require a whole load of elbow grease, whether it’s drilling a hole on a thick slab of wood, driving a screw into place, or sawing materials for a project you’re building. So why do we still hold on to a brush when we’re trying to clean tough stains and dirt? Yeah, it makes no sense, which is why the Dremel Versa exists.

Billed as a “high-speed power cleaner,” it’s a powered brush that lets you plow through erstwhile frustrating cleaning sessions without straining your hands, wrists, or elbows. Whether you’re removing dried gunk that’s spilled on the side of the grill over the years, scrubbing off nasty-looking stains in the bathroom, or clearing a bunch of rust that built up on an old pipe, this thing should handle all that without leaving your arms a tired mess.


The Dremel Versa is a power tool that works much like a cordless drill, except instead of taking driving bits, it mounts different types of brushes and pads that you can use for a variety of cleaning tasks. The eraser pad, for instance, is designed to clean hard surfaces such as counter tops, floors, doors, and walls, while a non-scratch pad should work better for sinks, tubs, and cookware, none of which you’ll likely want to leave with permanent marks. For detailed areas like tile grouts, toilets, and the like, there’s a bristle brush accessory that can perform vigorous cleaning between the tightest grooves, while a heavy-duty pad is also included for the most stubborn and baked-on dirt. All the accessories, by the way, are designed to mount easily, requiring you to simply align the back of the accessory to the threads on the tool and turn clockwise to lock it in.


Instead of being gripped like a power drill, you hold it the way you hold a mouse when using a computer, which, we guess, should help keep your fingers relaxed even through the longest cleaning sessions. You’re also supposed to put nothing but light pressure when running the tool back and forth, since the device is designed to automatically sgut off whenever too much pressure is applied. Suffice to say, this will make those long, drawn-out scrubbing marathons feel like a lot less of a frustrating chore.


The Dremel Versa comes with a splash guard, which can be mounted before attaching the cleaning accessories, ensuring splatter won’t get in the machine, potentially affecting its ability to work. Oh yeah, the guard protects the tool, not you, from the splatter, so you may still want to wear gloves and whatever other protection you need to keep all that icky gunk from getting on your skin.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can just plug in before performing your cleaning tasks, although there’s no word on how long a single charge can keep the motor running. They do list that it can be completely charged in as little as two hours.

The Dremel Versa is available now.

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