These Drift Magnet Boards Are Made From Salvaged Driftwood That Washed Ashore


Driftwood has always made for a beautiful addition to fish tanks, giving the miniature marine ecosystem an accent that isn’t uncommon to find in many large bodies of water. But beautifying aquariums isn’t the only thing tree and lumber remains can be used for, as these Drift Magnet Boards deftly demonstrate.

Designed to mount on walls, the salvaged boards, planks, and dunnage used in the collection have been fitted with magnets, turning the erstwhile wood surfaces into places where you can snap-on any ferromagnetic material. Mount one by the front door to hang your keys, another in the kitchen to hold your knives and cast iron cookware, and one in the garage to neatly organize your tools.


Created by Germany-based Hejmonti, the Drift Magnet Boards are made from driftwood that have all been washed ashore. The wood is salvaged and dried before being thoroughly cleaned, with as little alterations made as possible, preserving as much of the unique character it’s incurred throughout its journey across the seas.   To give the items a sense of history, each one comes marked (burned into the wood using a branding iron) with the exact longitude and latitude of where the driftwood was found. Magnets, by the way, are embedded deep into boreholes in the back, where they’re impossible to notice, making it appear like a variety of items just magically latch onto the wood surface.


Each Drift Magnet Board comes with a logsheet that documents the discovery site and the date the wood was retrieved. They’re available now, with prices starting at $140, depending on size and appearance.

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