Drill Gun Power Screwdriver

Many of the cordless drills currently in the market take on a form factor similar to guns — it makes the most sense for ergonomic handling while you punch holes or wind up screws, after all.   The Drill Gun takes that up a notch, styling itself like a real gun to bring a little novelty to your DIY repair jobs.

Looking like a hybrid between a power drill and a toy revolver, the tool comes with gun-like details, while managing to function as a proper drill.  That way, pretending to shoot at imaginary enemies using your power drill requires a lot less imagination — just add pew-pew sound effects and it’s done.  Oh yeah, it doesn’t look like a real gun (more like a toy plastic one), so don’t even entertain any ideas of using this as a self-defense weapon of choice.

The Drill Gun works like any electric screwdriver, punching starter holes, securing stuff to your walls and performing the usual host of drilling duties without putting any strain on your hands and wrists.  Like any proper power drill, it comes with multiple interchangeable bits (3 flats and 3 phillips for 6 total), all of which can be kept in the extruding cylinders.  The 3.6-volt drill has a torque of 3Nm, with max speed of 180 rpm and a rechargeable onboard battery.

If you’ve been looking for the manliest power screwdriver money can buy, its hard to find anything with more masculine aesthetics than the Drill Gun.  Well, not really, but it sure is more fun than any of the other power drills you can pick up.  It’s available now, priced at $39.95.

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