Drink, Drive And See The Sights In The CityCycle

Last time we checked, few people get pissed off when folks take their pedal-powered vehicles on the road.  Well, prepare for a lot more angry  people any time you plan to hit the streets on the CityCycle.

Designed by Caztek Engineering, the vehicle is a pedal-powered “bike bus” that also doubles as a mobile bar.  You know, so your passengers can drink while getting a leisurely tour around town.   Well, semi-leisurely, since the passengers all pedal collectively to  power the vehicle instead of just sitting pretty.

The CityCycle can carry up to 14 people at a time — one driver,  12 passengers lined up on either side of a rail-style bar and one rear seat (presumably, for a sober bouncer who will keep things peaceful in case trouble starts).  The setup includes twelve bar stools, in-floor coolers, built-in keg storage, cup holders, purse hooks, LED lighting (for a party atmosphere) and a six-speaker sound system. To keep things safe, speed maxes out at 6 mph, with a full, 4-link coil suspension keeping the ride stable to help minimize spilled beer.

Obviously, there’s no way any of your friendly neighborhood cops will give you and your friends a free pass when they see you partying in this.  As a novelty ride for resorts and open-air festivals, though, this beats the hell out of even the fanciest golf cart you can scrounge up.

We’re not sure whether the CityCycle is available for rental or sales, but I sure would love to take one down the mall’s parking lot and go on a drunken bender.  Maybe after install a motorized drivetrain on there, too — 6 mph sounds a little too slow for inebriated recreation.

[City Cycle via Core77]