Drinkclip, A Cup Holder That Gives You A Third Hand

Need a third hand to hold your coffee while you read the paper and pick your nose? Not a problem with the Drinkclip, a little plastic cup-holder with a mounting clip around the back.

It comes in two parts: the actual cup holder with a belt hook on the back (yes, so you can attach a steaming hot cup of coffee to your hips) and an attachment that adds a fastener to it (so you can clip it to something else, sparing yourself from potentially disastrous burns). You don’t have to restrict yourself to coffee too, since it can hold most any type of drink regular cup holders take, including bottled waters, canned soda and other stuff. You’ll be like Batman with all that crap hanging on your belt in no time.

Even while available in eleven colors, the Drinkclip doesn’t look all that pretty. Not that much of a problem, of course, if it can get the job done. Plus, if you’ve got a can of Bud hanging on your belt, I have a feeling that the baby blue accessory is the last thing everyone’s gonna notice. Built out of thick, heavy-grade plastic, the accessory should hold up well to regular use – a quality you’ll enjoy if you decide to use this to hold your coffee in the morning, your soda in the afternoon and your beer at night. Yes, all while roaming the somber and gloomy streets of Gotham City.

While I’m certain this can have its uses, I do have a feeling this will make for more pants soaking in spilled drink than anything ever invented by man. Which is why I fully support it, by the way.

Every purchase of the Drinkclip, as well as the attachment-free version called the Beltclip, comes with a koozie (you know, that insulating cover for canned drinks), so your Red Bull stays cool even while you parade it in the sun. Prices are $9.95 and $4.95, respectively.