Someone Made A Driveable Deck Chair; Again, A Driveable Deck Chair

Bringing a deck chair makes lounging in the beach a whole lot more comfortable.  Having to carry that deck chair when moving from one spot to spot, on the other hand, is just all manners of awful.  Apparently, someone found a solution by making a Driveable Deck Chair.  Really.

Unfortunately, it’s not a commercial product you can buy.  Instead, the self-propelled deck chair was developed as part of a promotional stunt for Holiday Autos, a UK-based search website for car rentals.  Still, if you’re the type looking for a new garage project, this thing looks exactly like something you’re going to enjoy putting together.

Designed by Solomon Rogers, the Driveable Deck Chair puts a pair of deck chairs on top of what appears to be some sort of buggy chassis (it looks kinda like one of CT&T’s amphibious vehicles, except with four wheels), complete with a running drivetrain and all-terrain tires for capably cruising across sandy terrain.  It comes rigged with an integrated parasol (of course), wind breakers (that also double as privacy covers when needed), retractable towels mounted on top of the chairs, a sandpit (so you don’t even have to get off to build sandcastles), a refrigerated slushy machine, a stereo system, and designated storage slots for sunscreens, drinks, and reading materials.  Oh yeah, it’s equipped with a GPS tracker that can follow the sun, directing you on where to park the vehicle to ensure maximum shade levels.  Seriously.

Check out the video to see it in action.

[via Fast Co. Exist]