Forget Race Car Beds, This DRL Drone Bed Lets You Sleep In The Cockpit Of A Giant Quadcopter

While not a lot of people we know watch Drone League Racing (DRL) on TV, you’re different. You catch every show on NBC, follow each matchup closely, and even stalk some of the pilots on Instagram. If you love drone racing that much, then you just might be the kind of dude who will want to own a DRL Drone Bed.

Remember those children’s beds shaped like race cars that, for a time, was every kid’s favorite bedroom furniture? Well, this is like that. Except… you know… you’re not a child and your favorite sport is not half as cool as racing 200 mph cars around a crowded circuit. However, you are entitled to find your joy in life and, if it comes in the form of a drone-shaped bed in the master bedroom, we wish you all the best.

The DRL Drone Bed clearly takes inspiration from the race car beds of old, sporting a tub-like design that puts the mattress inside four walls to make it feel like you’re sleeping inside a vehicle’s cockpit. In this case, of course, that vehicle isn’t a four-wheeled racer, but the DRL’s Racer4 quadcopter, so the bed frame is styled accordingly. The main frame, for instance, gets faceted panels similar to the appearance of the drones, with a pair of rudders in the back that, we imagine, will allow your drone bed to turn quickly on the air (if it actually flew).

Four arms stick out of the sides, each one sporting a propeller at the end, similar to most traditional quadcopter designs. Sadly, the props are not motorized, so you can’t make the darn things spin continuously while you sleep (we know… we love to sleep to the relaxing sounds of drone rotors spinning, too). It does, however, have LED bars surrounding the top and bottom sections of the arms, making for one trippy-looking sight the first time you walk into the bedroom.

The DRL Drone Bed comes in two sizes: twin and full, both of which will absolutely take up more space than a traditional bed of the same size simply because of those prop-mounted arms that stick out of the side. The bed itself is made from MDF that’s finished with scratch-resistant high-grade furniture paint, with the DRL logo CNC printed on the panel at the foot, just so you know what drone this bed is based on. The propellers, by the way, are made from foam, so you can spin them manually without hurting yourself when it brushes against your body.

The bed doesn’t come with a themed bed set, so you’ll have to find appropriate ones yourself. It does, however, come with a sleep mask that’s done up in the shape of the FPV drone goggles pilots use during competitive races. There’s also the option to add a TV mount at the foot of the bed, which, let’s be honest, is one of the better ways to watch TV while curled up on this thing, since the mattress is designed to sit well below the walls covering the bed frame.

The DRL Drone Bed is available as a made-to-order piece and takes approximately two to four months to finish once ordered. It’s priced at $25,000.

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