Dropcatch Catches Your Beer Caps Using Magnets

We don’t know why mankind continues to obsess over bottle openers.  Every single multi-tool we get has a bottle opener and tons of stuff in the house can be repurposed as one.  With that said, we feel compelled to write about the Dropcatch, a wall-mounted bottle opener with a special twist — magnets at the bottom that catch your caps instead of having them fall to the ground.

Ideal for use during parties, this helps you keep things just a little tidier than usual.  No more mess of bottle caps littered on the backyard grounds or your living room floor — instead, you end up with a bunch of them bundled up right below the bottle opener, looking like they’ve gained robot intelligence of sorts and are now plotting to take over the world.  Or something like that.

Dropcatch looks like a regular bottle opener at first glance, with the metal structure installed on top of a wooden block.  The bottom of the wooden slab comes fitted with magnets inside, though, catching the caps as they come off, so you can simply pick them up later for disposal instead of having to sweep them off the ground.  It comes in two sizes: Junior (8 x 3.5 x 0.75 inches, l x w x d), which can hold up to 15 bottle caps on the mount, and Senior (5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches), which can hold up to 52.

Construction is stainless steel for the actual openers, with walnut wood for the mounting plate and high-grade rare earth magnets housed inside it.  Each one comes with drywall plugs and mounting screws, so all you need is a screwdriver to get everything set up.

As of now, Dropcatch is a fully-funded project on Kickstarter.  You can still reserve yourself a unit, with pledges starting at $40.

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