Drugloo Inspects Your Doodoo, Recovers Contraband And Bags It All On Its Own


Recovering swallowed contraband is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.  That dishonor usually ends up in the latex-covered hands of airport security and law enforcers who go about the nasty business of  inspecting your doodoo.   Not anymore.

The Drugloo, a crap-sorting and evidence-recovering toilet, can now do the work all on its own.  Already used at several prisons, airports, hospitals, police stations and, probably, smuggling operations themselves (if I was a druglord, I'd want to buy a bunch of these too) around the world, it spares poor personnel from the recurrent nightmares the task of sorting through smelly piles of human waste could likely lead to.  Unless you actually like caca.  I've seen one of those movies. Ugh.

Officially billed as a "banned substances recovery equipment," it sits like an ominous-looking box of steel, ready to devour you as soon as you sit over that gaping hole.  Fortunately, it only takes your dump like a regular toilet.  Instead of flushing it straight into a septic tank, however, it washes the load into a built-in recovery container, cleans it up and drops the evidence into a chute where it goes into a sealed bag.  At no point in the process does anyone need to touch anything - a winning proposition however you look at it.

Manufactured by a British company of the same name, the Drugloo comes in numerous configurations, including ones adapted specifically for police stations and innocent-looking covert models.  It's a pretty clever contraption, especially considering the downright unhygienic (not to mention gross) alternatives.

[Drugloo via Chronicle Herald]