Dry Clean Your Fake Hair With The Wig Purifier


I always assumed wigs got washed and shampooed much like normal hair but I guess I was wrong. I’m not sure how fake hair regularly gets cleaned up, but the Wig Purifier does it in a way I never imagined – sending particles of ozone to permeate each strand, sterilizing and deodorizing until the hairpiece is as pure as can be.

According to the product’s creators, traditional wig cleaning employs the use of expensive services and harsh chemicals, both of which the Wig Purifier allows faux-hair-fans to do without. Instead, all they have to do is throw the imitation hair into the device’s cabinet and let the ozone air work its magic. Like dry cleaning for your wig, it saves the piece from the wear and tear of more conventional cleaning methods.

The Wig Purifier is an airtight box, with a stand that lets you mount your wig in place. As soon as you hoist your toupee and close the door, the cylindrical container does its job of bathing the artificial hair in ozone air – rendering it free from odors, bacteria, viruses, and germs. Aside from regular wigs, the device claims to clean up all sorts of hair implements, including bandannas, hairnets, extensions and headbands.

Adorably decked in a burl finish exterior, the container tube includes a top handle that lets you carry it easily, so you can clean your wigs wherever you go. The Wig Purifier has a promo video up at their site (that’s too cheesy we beg you not to watch it) and is currently available for $367.

[Wig Purifier via Boing Boing Gadgets]