Someone Made Dry-Erase Spray Paint And We Can’t Wait To Try It Out

Ever wish you can practice your tagging skills at home without leaving your basement walls covered in horrible art?  Now you can with the DEP Spray, a dry-erase spray paint.

Basically, it’s dry-erase ink housed in an aerosol can that you can blast onto anything you want at the push of a button.  Like regular dry-erase markers, you can use it on whiteboards, windows, and other surfaces where dry-erase ink can be removed (e.g. walls covered with Ideapaint), fashioning a rough draft of your planned artwork.  Once satisfied, simply clean up the darn thing with a simple paper towel.  Done.

Designed as a quicker way of writing and drawing temporarily on windows (e.g. to advertise a store sale), the DEP Spray can send large amounts of ink onto your canvas.  No need to tire your arms shading over and over like you would with a regular dry-erase marker – just point the nozzle at your target surface, hit the actuator, and get cracking.  Even better, you can quickly correct mistakes by just erasing them, making for a painless way to get temporary signage and similar work done.  The catch?  It’s only available in black, so you can’t do colorful creations with this, as of yet.

Similar to regular spray paint, it can be used with stencils to augment any lacking drawing skills.  Oh yeah, like regular spray paint, keep it away from surfaces that are neither windows nor whiteboards – the thing will stick to it like a regular dry-erase ink would.

The DEP Spray is available now, priced at $10 a can.

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