DryShot Fire Extinguisher Gun: Because Cowboys Can Fight Fires Too

Fire extinguishers are seriously useful.  They are also seriously boring.  Fortunately, those who like to kill fire like they’re killing aliens have an alternative — the DryShot Fire Extinguisher Gun.

At first glance, it actually looks like a flare gun.  Instead of shooting flashes up in the sky, though, this thing will dispense dry powder extinguishing agent, putting a damp on nasty flames while letting you strike your favorite John Wayne pose.

The DryShot has two components: a gun body with the trigger and a removable dry powder cartridge.  The cartridges, which stand in for the gun barrel, contain the actual  extinguishing agent and should be replaced once all its contents are used up.  To operate, you simply arm it with a cartridge and pull the trigger.  Bam, fire dead.

According to the product page, you can also use it as a self-defense weapon.  I don’t know how well a blast of dry powder can disarm an attacker (unless you’re fighting off the Human Torch), but it’s better than nothing.  Plus, it looks somewhat like a gun, so it could be scary under bad lighting.

No word on how big of a fire each cartridge of the DryShot Fire Extinguisher Gun can diffuse.  We’re guessing not that big.  For quickly shooting down small blazes inside homes and establishments, though, it will probably do the trick.  Price is $43.65, which includes three cartridges.

[Product Page]