A Built-In Surface Lever Gives This Putter Extra Powers In The Green


It may be called a training aid, but make no mistake, the DT Smart Putter is an actual putter you can use to gain unfair advantage in actual games. Granted, we don’t know if something like this will be allowed in competition, but if it is, the darn thing can make your time in the green more worthwhile than ever before.

While it works as well as any putter for finessing your ball into the hole, it also comes with an integrated surface lever at the upper-facing side of the club head, allowing you to measure the slope of the ground by simply setting it flat. That way, you can see whether it skews to the left, right, or dead flat, allowing you to take a more informed shot.


With the ability to check the slope of the green before every shot, the DT Smart Putter gives you the chance to adjust your stance and vary your shot accordingly, making it a highly useful tool whether during practice or in actual play. Stainless steel construction make for substantial heft on your hands, with a rubberized grip giving you excellent control in every putt.


Do note, if it’s your first time reading the slope measurements, you may not entirely know how to vary your shots depending on the surface. After a few rounds of plays on the green, along with practice rounds in the yard, backyard, or local park, though, you’re bound to get a whole lot better at this over time.

Available now, the DT Smart Putter is priced at $150.

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