Hamilton Beach Is Making A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Remember that glorious Breakfast Sandwich Maker that lets you cook an entire multi-level sandwich using just a single countertop appliance?  Well, Hamilton Beach just decided to make a side-by-side version called the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker that lets you make two of them at the same time.

Whether you’re a voracious eater who can’t get by with just one sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich or have currently moved in with a newfound love in your life who also happens to love breakfast sandwiches, this is exactly the countertop appliance your kitchen is aching to get.  Two sandwiches with every single ingredient cooking at the same time unattended — this is a brave, new frontier here, ladies and gentlemen.

Just like its single sandwich brother, the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker will cook your sausage, fry your egg, grill your cheese, and toast your bread while they sit in their proper sandwich layers.  Except this one can, dutifully, crank them in pairs.  It will cook your sandwiches in just 5 minutes, complete with a countdown timer and an audible alert to rouse you up from the nap you’re catching on the dining room table.  Of course, its “cooking everything in one swoop” powers isn’t just restricted to the traditional sausage-egg-cheese combo.  Instead, it comes with an included recipe book that you can use to find new breakfast sandwich combos, as well as reference for your own experiments.

The Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker will be available in August, priced at $44.99.

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