Dual LED Safety Glasses Light Up When You Work In The Dark

Tinkering with electronics and home projects is fun.  Doing it in the dark is even more fun.  Is this a rope I’m cutting with my power saw?  Oh shit, it’s a giant mutant chipmunk’s tail.  See, it’s fun.  But moderately dangerous.   Save yourself from potential harm with the Dual LED Safety Glasses, a pair of protective work glasses armed with adjustable lights, so you can do your tinkering competently even in the dark.

A full-featured pair of safety specs, the glasses exceed the ANSI Z87+ high-impact standard for durability, capably protecting your delicate eyes from DIY accidents, such as an exploding box of nails and wayward flying blades.  Sure, the rest of your face will remain in danger, but you can keep your eyesight for another day.

The Dual LED Safety Glasses feature curved, clear lenses, with 180-degrees of optically-correct viewing and a scratch-resistant surface.  Designed for use in closed, non-illuminated spaces, it sports one small LED bulb on either side, powered by two CR2032 batteries for up to 48 hours straight.

Since they’re just as good as any pair of work glasses, you can use the protective gear for daytime outdoor projects too and come with 99.9% UV protection especially for the job.  You can remove the LEDs as well, although we recommend keeping them on, since wearing anything with lights is always awesome.  No, really, it makes you look like an absolute stud (see guy above for reference…okay, maybe not).

Each pair of Dual LED Safety Glasses come with a carrying case, a breakaway cord and enough tinkering geek cred to make you feel smug while ducking under the table to dust off the graphics card on your gaming desktop.  It’s available for $19.99.

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