Ducati Monster 821 Brings Beastly Looks And Performance In Mid-Size Package

You love the Ducati Monster 1200 and its Herculean physique, but aren’t quite ready to handle the responsibilities of a 1200cc beast between your legs. Maybe the new Ducati Monster 821, which brings similar brawny aesthetics while packing a more manageable 821cc powertrain, will be more along your speed.

Powered by a water-cooled, 821-cubic-centimeter Testastretta 11° V-twin engine, Ducati’s new naked model pushes out 112 horsepower and 65.9 pound-feet of torque. Sure, that’s not exactly the kind of numbers that will make your wife worry less about your weekly motorcycle trips, but it’s definitely a lot less unsettling (for you; the wife, still unsettled) than the bigger Ducati’s 145 horsepower and 92 pound-feet.

Described as “the most attractive mid-range Monster ever,” the Ducati Monster 821 gets the Monster 1200’s chassis and muscular styling, along with all the cutting-edge electronics it brought along with that body, including the button-accessible riding modes, 8-level traction control, 3-level ABS, and an onboard LCD display you’ll probably look at less and less while you ride faster and faster (seriously, just keep your eyes on the road). Comfort also gets special attention on this model, which boasts a generous saddle space, an adjustable seat height, and a promised feeling of “ergonomic integration” for the rider. It weighs 395.7 pounds — about 5 pounds less than the more powerful 1200 model.

The Ducati Monster 821 will be available in three colorways. Price is $11,495 for the Ducati red and the star white silk versions; and $10,995 for the dark stealth with black frame and black wheels model.

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