Ducti Wallet Makes A Billfold Out Of The Humble Duct Tape

Your designer leather wallet might be awesome…back when it was new. But you’ve had it for a good seven years now and, fact is, it’s in deplorable condition. Sure, you’ve MacGyvered every break and tear with duct tape, but that doesn’t make it suck less. Give up the old duct-taped billfold and carry a duct tape wallet instead. Yes, there’s one of those and they call it the Ducti.

Neither hip nor pretentious, just like duct tape, the pocket accessory doesn’t bear any illusion about what it is. It’s neither a fashionable accoutrement nor a clever article for the geek crowd. Instead, the unassuming little bastard just carries your cash and cards like any well-meaning wallet should.

There are two models of the Ducti Wallet, the Classic and the Triplet. Just like the names imply, the former has a traditional bi-fold design for hanging on to a moderate stash, while the latter goes the tri-fold route in case you’re Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim’s bastard child. Both wallets come with nickel-plated grommets, a Ducti sticker and a repair strip (of duct tape, of course). The Classic measures 3.75 x 8.5 inches wide when open, with one large pocket for bills and two smaller pockets for fitting up to eight cards. The Triplet, on the other hand, measures 4.1 x 9.6 inches open, with space for up to ten cards.

Since it’s made from duct tape, the whole thing is immensely durable. And if it ever gets damaged for any reason, you can simply fix it with the same material and it will look literally like nothing was changed. Even better, Ducti promises that if your wallet ever wears out, they will gladly replace it with a new one. All you have to pay is the shipping.

You can get a Ducti Wallet for $19.95 from the link below.