Dude Where’s My Car Meet GPS Homing Device

gps-homing-deviceThe GPS Homing Device is not your typical GPS unit.  It is designed with one thing in mind – bringing you back to the place that you designate.  For instance, when you park your car in the crowded shopping mall parking lot, simply hit the button on the GPS Homing Device before you walk away from the car.  Then after spending hours inside the mall, use the device to bring you right back to your car.  It’s a simple key chain design so you can take it with you every time you go out for a day of shopping in the crowded malls.

It’s an ideal gift for someone who is always losing their car in the parking lot or to use during the holidays when shopping malls are so crowded.  The GPS Homing Device could also be used to find your way back to the beginning of the trail if you are on a long walk far away from your home.

Now, this GPS doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a high end GPS unit.  It only has what you need to find your car in the parking lot or back to your original point on a long walk.  This cool little device looks like a stopwatch and will get you safely back to your car so you don’t spend hours walking around in circles with an arm full of shopping from the store. Snap it on to your key chain or slip it in your pocket and you will never lose your car again.