Dumb-Bell Cutlery: Get Arm Workouts While Eating

We aren’t actually sure if the Dumb-Bell Cutlery is real or just a really funny joke.  Either way, we have to agree that it’s “going to revolutionize the diet industry.”  I mean, how can it fail?

A three-piece cutlery set (dessert spoon, fork and knife), you can use it to consume your regular meals in a civilized manner just like any of the silverware in your kitchen.  It’s metal, too, so we’re sure you’ll have an easier time cleaning up that plate than with your puzzle utensils.  Or that cumbersome-looking multi-tool Eatensil, for that matter.

Each piece of the Dumb-Bell Cutlery has ends that look and function just like their regular spoon, fork and knife counterparts.  Except all of them are cast onto one end of a dumbbell.  The knife and fork are each connected to 2.2 lb. dumbbells, while the dessert spoon is attached to a 4.4 lb weight.

We’re guessing the idea is that you’re actually doing wrist curls (and, perhaps, getting extra workout for the rest of your arm muscles) at the same time you’re stuffing your mouth with grub.   Granted, you’re probably not going to lose much weight doing that, but it’s better than your usual recourse — doing nothing.  Plus, it might help build up your arms if you’re  hoping to make it to the World Arm Wrestling Championships  next year.

You know how exercise equipment always feels like they’re ridiculously overpriced?  Well, the same thing holds true for the Dumb-Bell Cutlery.  The full set is available now (that is, if it isn’t a joke product), priced at $160.