Dunhill Solar Charger Sheds The Gaudy, Embraces The Svelte

Portable solar chargers are never the prettiest things.  In fact, they’re usually ugly as hell.   Fortunately, those who can’t stomach the lack of style but still need one now have a choice: the Dunhill Solar Charger.

Unlike the rest of them plastic-infested solar soakers, the device gets a top layer constructed out of aerospace-grade aluminum.  Sure, the ugly dark bluish panel is still there to serve as eyesore, but you can rotate it into the shiny cover after getting your fill of the sun’s battery-charging powers.

The Dunhill Solar Charger features two parts connected with a rotating hinge: a part-plastic inner slab with the solar panel and an aluminum slab over it.  Lightweight and durable, the rig should make for an excellent companion during trips when a backup off-the-grid power source could come in handy.  For added style, it comes with a  Chassis leather carry case for storing when not in use.

The unit holds a built-in battery with enough capacity to store up to 30 hours of charge for a regular cellphone.   No word on how long it will take to fill it up on pure light power alone (probably over a day), but you can always stock it with juice via USB at home before you hit the road.

While the Dunhill Solar Charger is already up on the company’s site, there’s no pricing details.  Don’t expect it to be as affordable as units only half as stylish, though.

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