Dutch Boy Refresh Is A Paint That Absorbs Odors

Your room stinks? Forget about stocking up on air freshener and simply give your interiors a new coat of paint. Not just any mixture, though. You gotta go with the Dutch Boy Refresh, a new paint armed with stink-absorbing technology.

Once the odor vapor molecules come in contact with the wall surface, as they will inevitably do, the paint will capture and lock them under its film. But won’t your walls smell? No chance of the smells being released, according to the company, as even scrubbing, damaging or scratching the paint job won’t work to “free” the offensive gases back into your airspace.

Available for walls and ceilings, the Dutch Boy Refresh is a mildew-resistant paint that boasts “exceptional application, coverage, durability and scrubbability.” Yup, that’s “scrubbability” for you, grammar Nazis. It’s especially ideal for areas of the house where olfactory offenders tend to accumulate, including kitchens, bathrooms and wherever you hide when you need to blow hot air from your backside.

The bigger the area you paint, the more of the odor-absorbing coat you provide for the vapors to get trapped into, so Dutch Boy recommends covering as large a surface as possible, especially if you live in a house full of smokers, pets and folks suffering from gas problems. No specific lifespan on the smell-sucking power, but the less you abuse it, the longer it should hold.

As an additional feature, the Dutch Boy Refresh boasts lower levels of strong-smelling compounds too, so it’s also considerably light on the nose, eliminating most of the fumes that newly-painted interiors subject the home’s occupants to. It’s available now in a range of different finishes.

[Dutchboy via Dvice]