DXG’s HD Camcorders Looks Awesome, Costs Cheap


There’s no question that the mini-camcorder market is huge now.  As such, it isn’t a surprise that cheap Chinese manufacturers are looking to get in on the action.  DXG brings that ultra-cheap pricing without holding back on aesthetics, though, with their new his-and-hers HD mini-camcorders, set for release later in the year.

The decidedly masculine version is a rugged portable, with looks and size that seem to mimic outdoor GPS devices.  The DXG-125V offers 720p video capture (h.264 compression) and 3 megapixel stills, with waterproof and (more likely) shock-proof qualities.  Consumers looking for a cheap handheld camcorder shouldn’t miss it when it hits store shelves in July.   Price is expected to be an ultra-affordable $99.99, with the handheld coming in either red, olive green or camouflage colors.

dxgwomenFor the ladies, DXG is ditching the armor and slapping in some trendy pattern appliques.  Instead of the Flip Video-style from factor, though, the Luxe Collection is adopting a more traditional camcorder frame, complete with a flip-out 3-inch LCD.  Undeniably for the daintier sex, the devices look like a cross between an old-school camcorder and a clutch purse right out of Shanghai’s imitation fashion district.  The Luxe line features the same 720p video capture but offers better stills at 5 megapixels.  Price is a luxuriously inexpensive $129.99.

Both camcorder lines have no onboard memory, so you’ll have to fork over extra for a microSD card.  If the recording’s anywhere as good as a Flip Video, though, Pure Digital is going to have some stiff competition before the year is through.