Make Building Campfires More Interesting With This Dynamite Fire Starter


Fire starters are great to have on hand any time you’re camping, giving you a way to quickly start fires with as little work as possible. And while there’s no shortage of options in most any outdoor gear shop, wouldn’t you rather use one that looks like a powerful explosive for your own amusement? That’s exactly what these Dynamite Fire Starters bring to your gear stash.

Made by the Black Rock Powder Company, these fire starters are clad in the likeness of powerful TNT, so you can start a campfire while looking you’re planning to commit mass murder at the camp site. That, of course, can either turn out funny or horrible – either way, it’s a surefire scheme to make sure your camping adventure turns out a blast.


The Dynamite Fire Starters come in a crate with a large DYNAMITE label to ensure people won’t think of it as anything other than a box of TNT. Each fire starter stick, which measures 8 x 1.25 inches (length x diameter), is made from paraffin and recycled sawdust, so it won’t actually create an explosive blast, but rather simply burn to help you get a large fire going. A single stick can burn for 30 straight minutes.

Up to 20 of the faux dynamite sticks can fit inside the accompanying crate, each of which is handmade from glued and nailed cedar wood. It measures 16 x 10 x 6.5 inches.

Each crate of Dynamite Fire Starters is priced at $29.95, with 20-pack refills retailing for $12.

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