From Brando With Love: A Heart-Shaped Dyson Air Multiplier Knock-Off

Oh, China.  How less awesome would the world be without your cheeky knock-offs?  Without your cheap production lines, we wouldn’t be able to get something as wonderful as this USB Heart Aromatic Electric Fan.

Sold by novelty product purveyors Brando, the fan is a USB-powered knock-off of the Dyson Air Multiplier.  If you don’t remember, it’s that surprisingly effective bladeless fan that sends gusts of air your way through the use of voodoo magic (no, really).

The USB Heart Aromatic Electric Fan ditches the original’s round and oblong heads for a heart shape, which, I have to say, makes the design ten times more desktop-worthy.  Perfect for use as extra cooling in your desk, it measures  148 x 98 x 230 mm and weighs 235 g.  Brando claims “its wind speed is strong” (no exact numbers on the kind of output it provides, though).  Given that it powers from a 5 volt USB socket, we can probably assume that’s a little exaggerated.

Aside from sending streams of air your way, the device also comes with built-in LED lighting that you can use to create a continuously changing (three colors) and utterly irritating light show right in your cubicle.  Just in case that’s not enough, they even threw in an integrated “aromatherapy” mechanism that unleashes a pleasant fragrance into the air.

If there’s anything preventing more people from buying the Dyson Air Multiplier, it has to be the $300 price.  Fortunately, that’s not a problem with the  USB Heart Aromatic Electric Fan, which retails for a plenty affordable $22.

[Brando via The Gadgeteer]