Dyson Air Multiplier, Now Bigger And Stronger

It’s summer.  And as awesome as last year’s bladeless fans from Dyson are, we’re gonna need stronger air for those warm, humid days.  Turns out Dyson knows it too and introduced two biggie-size versions of the Air Multiplier.

Despite the change in form factors, the tech still works the same way.  Air is drawn from the base of the device then forced into the loop amplifier, which accelerates it before being blown into a jet of air to help you cool down.  Throughout that, air surrounding the fan are forced into the stream to help create a smoother flow.

While the original Dyson Air Multiplier was designed for table placement, the two new models – AM03 Pedestal and AM02 Tower – are intended to be stood off the floor.   Both come with the ability to blow stronger air your way and can be controlled with an accompanying remote.

The AM02 Tower sports an oval design, measuring 39.65 x 4.33 x 7.48 inches.  It pulls in nine gallons of air per second, which it amplifies by up to 16 times before sending your way.  The AM03 Pedestal, on the other hand, takes on a circular top and stands 46.77 inches tall (can be extended to 55.43 inches).  It draws the same nine gallons of air as the AM02, but can amplify it by as much as 18 times.

Both new Dyson Air Multipliers come in only one color, silver, and will retail for $449.99.  No word on exact availability yet.  Since the heat is literally seeping through the cracks on our door, though, we’re guessing it should show up soon enough.

[Dyson via Techland]