Dyson Cu-Beam Duo Offers A Unique Twist To Office Lighting


Most offices use either fluorescent lighting or LED troffers for illumination. And they’re perfectly fine. Except for the fact that there’s no way to personalize the kind of lighting you get in the room. Simply put, you either get high levels of brightness or none of it. The Dyson Cu-Beam Duo offers a customizable alternative.

Unlike conventional office lighting solutions, the lamp doesn’t just throw down a bright white light to keep every inch of the office well-illuminated. Instead, it can shine its light either upward or downward, with the upward light being diffused through the ceiling and the downward light providing the necessary illumination to get work done.


The Dyson Cu-Beam Duo doesn’t just deliver the same level of lighting throughout the day, as it comes with a custom driver that lets you easily adjust the ratio between the upward and downward light, allowing you to tailor the exact amount of light in the room. You can, for instance, maximize the amount of light shining down on the table to make sure people see everything they’re reading and writing clearly, all while shining more light upward when someone’s doing a presentation to ensure the giant screen on the wall becomes the focal point of the room.


Unlike LED troffers, by the way, Dyson’s lamp doesn’t use an array of small LEDs for its light. Instead, they use one large high-power LED with a custom-engineered lens that’s cooled by six copper heat pipes integrated into the rig.

No pricing has been announced yet for the Dyson Cu-Beam Duo, but it’s slated to come out next year.

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