Dyson Groom Tool Will Comb And Vacuum Your Dog’s Coat

Why vacuum the couch for dog hairs when you vacuum the dog?  That’s the clever thinking behind the Dyson Groom Tool, a vacuum cleaner that sucks up loose hair and dead skin before they even leave your pet’s body.

As lovable as mutts can be, they are walking bundles of litter, spreading their loose hairs all over your floor, carpet, couch, bed and, practically, any area of the house you let them into.  With this equipment in tow, you can siphon all that stray coat before they’re shed completely, effectively simplifying your cleaning duties.

The Dyson Groom Tool is a dog groomer, designed to work in conjunction with Dyson’s upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners (which you’ll need to get separately).  Attach it to a vacuum’s pipe and you can use the device to brush through your pet’s coat, all while sucking off all errant hair and dead skin cells it passes over directly to the machine’s receptacle.

It sports retractable bristles made from steel, positioned at a 35-degree angle that allows easy removal of flyaway hair.   Designed for one-hand operation (so the other hand’s free to grab the dog), it has a spring-loaded trigger that lets you push down to expose more of the bristles for longer-haired pets and loosen a little for shorter-coated animals.

According to Dyson, using the Groom Tool three to four times a week can severely lessen the amount of stray hairs that end up all over your house, apart from leaving your dog looking more dapper and tidy.  It’s available now for £40.

[Dyson via Gizmodo]