Dyson Hot Uses Air Multiplier Technology For Heaters

Dyson’s Air Multiplier has forever changed the way we look at electric fans.  And we’re guessing the same reaction is due to the Dyson Hot, which does the whole air multiplying thing in reverse by blowing a hot breeze.

Clad in the same minimal  styling of the Air Multiplier, this ring-shaped fan heater should find itself an unimposing addition to any room’s aesthetic.  It’s also 100% safe, with no exposed heating elements and low surface temperature, making for an ideal portable home heater that you can leave in a corner and never have to worry about.  And in case it’s tipped over, the entire machine will automatically power off.

The Dyson Hot uses the same air multiplier technology that the company has previously used in its fans.   When turned on, it draws air from the bottom through a mixed flow impeller, which is then heated inside the loop amplifier, before being shot back out into the room.   An intelligent onboard thermostat allows it to maintain level temperature, which you can set anywhere from 32 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike regular heaters, it also doubles as a cooling fan.  That means, one flip of a switch and you can make your roommate’s space even colder during winter — all while he’s soundly asleep, thinking he’ll have his warm temperature the whole night.  Hah, that’s what you get for going to Crocosaurus Cove without me.  Sucka.

Seriously, the Dyson Hot just might be the most awesome heater ever made.  Of course, it’s priced awesomely, too, retailing for a rich $399.99.