Dyson Pure Cool Me Is An Air-Purifying Fan For Bedsides And Office Cubicles


Between its over-engineered design and expensive price, there’s enough reason not to like Dyson’s electric fans. However, the stylish looks, quiet operation, and downright impressive function does make it difficult not to appreciate them. The same things all hold true for the Dyson Pure Cool Me, a new fan designed for tabletop use.

Billed as a “personal purifying fan,” the appliance combines the functions of a fan and an air purifier, blowing cool air your way while removing pollutants and allergens in the process. Yes, it’s not entirely new for Dyson, but it’s first one they made at this size, which makes it more suited for in bedrooms, offices, and other small spaces.


The Dyson Pure Cool Me comes with the brand’s usual odd styling, pairing a cylindrical base with an upside-down dome on top, which comes slightly tilted to send the air in a horizontal direction. Basically, it looks more like a personal robot than a fan, but cooling down the air is really its primary function. The position and angle of the dome, by the way, is fully adjustable, so you can move it in order to focus the airflow at any direction of your liking, similar to a regular electric fan. There’s also an oscillating function that rotates the dome from left to right across a 70-degree angle, so all the familiar comforts of a standard electric fan are present here.

Naturally, it uses the same Core Flow technology as the outfit’s other fans, which involves collecting jets of air on a convex surface to create a high pressure core, harnessing it, and projecting it as a precise stream of air. Simply put, if you’ve used one of Dyson’s Multiplier fans and liked it, you’re bound to get the same experience here, albeit in a much more compact profile.


The Dyson Pure Cool Me comes with a fully-sealed HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, allowing it to capture 99.97 percent of all allergens and pollutants (everything as small as 0.3 microns), making it doubly useful to keep around the house. Because of this, all air it sends your way are freshly purified, making for a much smarter way to use a fan anywhere at home. The filter, by the way, can be easily accessed by taking off the dome top and just pulling out the filter, ensuring you can perform replacements all by yourself whenever the need for it comes around (when used 12 hours a day, the filter is expected to last for 12 months).


A small display at the bottom front of the body shows the airflow speed, the active mode, and filter life, making it easy to see current conditions at a simple glance, with built-in reminders alerting you whenever the filter requires changing. A wireless remote allows you to control the fan without having to reach for it every time, where you can power on/off, adjust the air stream, trigger any mode, and even set a sleep timer.

Want one? The Dyson Pure Cool Me is available now.

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