Dyson Supersonic Is A Lighter, Safer, And Quieter Hair Dryer


It wasn’t too long ago that Dyson reinvented the electric fan and the results were pretty impressive. This time around, the outfit is turning their attention to a smaller appliance that similarly blows air, the hair dryer, with the Dyson Supersonic, which looks like a handheld version of their Air Multiplier fans.

A smaller, safer, and quieter version of the beauty salon staple, Dyson’s hair dryer ditches the bulky motor of old in favor of a new V9 motor that measures just a hair over an inch in width. Despite the tiny size, it’s able to expel up to 13 liters of air per second, giving it enough power to do anything that the hair dryer in your bathroom is able to do. It’s quiet, too, spinning at up to 110,000 times per minute while making one inaudible frequency (basically, the only thing you’ll hear is the hot air rushing out).


The Dyson Supersonic comes with three speed settings (fast, regular, and gentle) and four heat settings (212 degrees Fahrenheit, 176 degrees, 140 degrees, and cold air), so there are enough adjustments available to accommodate whatever you require. All the surfaces stay cool the entire time you use the hair dryer, too, so there’s no risk of touching something scorching even through extended sessions.  There’s even an onboard processor that monitors temperature (measurements are taken 20 times per second) to see if it’s expelling air at just the right heat levels to ensure optimal operation.


While it can be used on its own, the dryer also comes with three snap-on attachments for varying the airflow. One pushes out wide gentle air, another blows a strong thin blade of air, and another disperses it evenly for drying curls.

Slated to hit shelves in the fall, the Dyson Supersonic is priced at $399.

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