Dyson V15 Detect Uses Lasers To Clearly Show How Dirty Your Floors Are Before You Clean It

Some of us just let the robo-vacuums loose and trust it to get our floors clean. They do a good enough job. Others are a bit more thorough, so they use a manual vacuum cleaner, making sure they clean every inch of the floor, with no surface left untouched. People more meticulous than that might even vacuum through the floors twice to make sure they didn’t miss a spot. The Dyson V15 Detect can make that unnecessary.

Equipped with a laser, it illuminates every single spec of dirt and dust, including those microparticles that evade the naked eye, so you can see the surface exactly before you pass the cleaning head over it, then double back and check if it’s really been suctioned clean. Yep, this vacuum lets you do that, making it the perfect cleaning appliance for folks with a greater than usual obsession about keeping their floors pristine.

The Dyson V15 Detect equips that laser on the vacuum’s Slim Fluffy cleaner head, so you’ll have to use that one specifically to get the satisfying visual off all the dirt you’re about to take off the floor. That head, by the way, is designed for hardwood and tile floors, so you can only get the visual confirmation if you’re not cleaning carpeted surfaces. In case you’re curious, it beams the green laser at a 1.5-degree angle from a height of 7.2mm off the ground, allowing it to illuminate a big patch of the floor ahead of the vacuum cleaner. The idea is that the laser shining a light from a low angle will cause any microparticles to cast a long shadow, which will make them easy to spot while illuminated.

While that’s obviously the most interesting feature here, that’s not actually the reason why they named this model “Detect.” Instead, it gets the name from its ability to detect the size and quantity of all the particles that passes through its inlet, which it then displays on the built-in LCD screen. According to the outfit, the vacuum will adjust its motor, which can run at a max speed of 12,000 rpm, based on the amount of dust it’s detecting, increasing the suction power when high volume is identified and lowering it when it finds less, so it uses power a lot more efficiently.

The Dyson V15 Detect is a cordless vacuum, by the way, with a battery that allows it to run for up to an entire hour between trips to the wall-mounted charging dock. That should be enough time to let you clean all, but the largest of homes, while a snap-on design allows you to quickly swap in a new battery if a single one is not enough. Aside from the laser-equipped Slim Fluffy Head, it also comes with a high-torque cleaner head, a hair screw tool for homes filled with pet hair, a crevice tool, two types of dusting brushes (one soft and one for stubborn dirt), a combination tool, and a wand clip.

The Dyson V15 Detect is available now, priced at $699.99.

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