E-blue Bluetooth iPhone Speakers


USB Brando, the home of all gadgetry and random things that you probably don’t need but almost certainly want and will post probably spent money on. One of their latest products is the E-Blue pair of iPhone speakers and really, these are pretty cool!

They’re made of titanium and come complete with rechargeable battery with an eight hour battery life. USB Brando claim these speakers feature “fantastic bass, mid-range and high audio output,” and “the latest wireless audio technology – A2DP, you can enjoy.”

So essentially, these cute little things will enable you to listen to your music from your iPhone in higher quality than the in built speaker offers at any time. Yes, they’re perfectly compact and portable. So if ever you feel the need to pull your speakers out and party, you can do so. Please don’t do that on a bus though. There is arguably nothing more annoying than people forcing their music on you via speakers on a bus. But don’t set me off on a teenager rant.


They operate via the Bluetooth communication with your iPhone up to a ten meter distance. You can charge the battery up via the USB connection on your phone. It boasts a magnetic field (not that I’m quite technical enough to know what the purpose of that is).

So that’s a pretty impressive array of features for rather a reasonable price too. Just $68 which places these speakers are about mid range really, with a good quality product. Having read a few reviews around and about it seems people are pretty pleased with their purchases on this one. So if you want some pretty portable but high quality speakers for playing those iPhone MP3s, then these ones might just be for you.

More info at Brando Website