School Supplies And Drag Races Come Together In This E-Racer Eraser

If you ever played with your erasers in grade school, pretending they were die-cast race cars that had wheels, you were probably not alone.  Those things just made sense for playing as pretend cars.   These E-Racers still aren’t die-cast cars, but they do have wheels, so kids can race them without even having to pretend that the erasers can actually move on their own.

Even better, the erasers actually look like regular erasers instead of being shaped like a car.  That way, teachers who don’t allow toys in the classroom will think it’s just a regular eraser in the pencil case, giving kids a chance to keep their toys close at hand.

The E-Racers are actual erasers that you can use to wipe the doodles on your Hanky Notebook clean, so kids do have a legitimate reason for bringing them along when they come to school.  Unlike regular erasers, though, they have a quartet of wheels and a pullback spring mechanism that lets them shoot out of the starting line like a speeding drag racer.  Each one measures 4 x 1 inches (l x w).

While great for kids, this should be just as useful for grown folks who use erasers in the office, too, since it gives you a pullback car that can race from one end of the conference table to the other while everybody waits for a meeting to start.  Each set comes with a pair of E-Racers, along with a cardboard finish line that you can cut out from the back of the packaging.

Available from Perpetual Kid, the E-Racers retail for $8.99.

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