E-Z Up Camping Cube Is A Six-Person Tent With Standing Headroom That Sets Up In Five Minutes


E-Z Up’s pop-up shelter has long been a favorite in beaches, sporting events, and other outdoor gatherings, with its simple setup and no-loose-parts design enabling folks to put up a spacious shade in a jiffy. With their Instant Shelter finding increased adoption among car campers, too, it only makes sense to dive all-in into the camping market and they’re doing just that with the new E-Z Up Camping Cube.

A family-sized tent, it’s designed to be used in conjunction with the outfit’s pop-up shelters, essentially relying on the canopy to serve as the tent’s roof and rainfly. Like the Instant Shelter, it’s designed to set up quickly, allowing you to pitch a tall and spacious tent in a couple of minutes (the product page says seconds, but no, a couple of minutes is more likely).


To get the E-Z Up Camping Cube ready, start by unrolling an Instant Shelter and extending the telescoping legs. Once you’ve got that standing on the ground, you then roll out the tent under the canopy and connect the tent to the shelter’s frame using the built-in clips. You’ll have to attach over two dozen clips, but there’s, pretty much, nothing else to do other than that, making this one of the easiest tent-pitching jobs you’ll probably undertake.

The tent comes in two sizes: 111 x 111 x 76 inches (length x width x height) and 99 x 99 x 76 inches. As you probably noticed, that’s over six feet in height for both models, ensuring you can stand upright and still enjoy plenty of headroom, making this perfect for folks who don’t quite enjoy crawling their way inside their tents as if they were spelunking in a cave. Floor space is equally generous, too, with room inside to sleep an entire family of five to six people.


Aside from providing plenty of headroom and space, the E-Z Up Camping Cube also comes with oversized doorways for easy entry and exit, large windows to get plenty of sunlight in, and even a smaller entry for your pets on the side (yes, we have a feeling small children will use it, too). If you’re traveling with a portable battery, the tent also has three power pockets for running cords, so you can power any electric fan, light, or whatever other electrical appliance you have inside.

Need a place to hang bags, lights, and other stuff? Not a problem, as it comes with built-in O-ring attachment points along the ceiling line exactly for that purpose. There are also three built-in storage pockets that you can use to store phones, wallets, and other small items, as well as an entry mat to keep things clean inside.

According to E-Z Up, the Camping Cube is compatible with four of their Instant Shelter models, namely the Eclipse, the Enterprise, the Pyramid, and the Vantage. While designed to pitch with no stakes, they do include a set just in case you encounter a windy day and need something to keep everything firmly on the ground.

The E-Z Up Camping Cube is available now.

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