Earin Are The World’s Tiniest Wireless Earbuds

Want to listen to music during a meeting but don’t want anyone to know you’re not paying attention?  When you get your own pair of Earin, that won’t be a problem.

Billed as the smallest wireless earbuds in the market, the thing nearly disappears when plugged in your ear canal, making it completely inconspicuous to wear.  Seriously, unless someone stares at your ear for an extended period, we doubt anyone will notice.  Heck, even if someone stares at your ear, there’s a good chance they’ll miss it.

Earin, basically, crams all the wireless electronics and battery, along with all the audio hardware, in a pair of tiny in-ear devices that measure just 14mm in diameter and 20mm in length.  Since stuff that tiny is prone to being lost any time you take it out of your ears, it comes with a larger “ear capsule” where you can store the pair when not in use.  The earbuds can only hold enough charge for up to 3 hours of playback, although the ear capsule also comes with an onboard battery that holds another 6 hours of worth of power (just put the earbuds in their designated slots on the capsule to charge), allowing around 9 hours of use if you start the day with each one fully-juiced.

Features include a newly-designed balanced armature speaker for the audio (which enabled the tiny size), three sizes of foam tips, and a “Concha Wing” attachment that you can use to ensure it stays on your ear during exercise (yes, you can stop using your favorite Qlasp Earphones now).  It’s IP54-certified for water and dust resistance.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Earin.  You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £119.

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