Eastpak x Q&M Club Sofa 01 Cleans Up Living Room Clutter With Pockets

Why buy magazine racks, remote docks and other storage solutions for the living room when you can use the couch to hold them all in? That’s exactly what backpack moguls Eastpak and designers Quinze & Milan appear to be saying with their new couch, which comes with loads and loads of zippered pockets to hold every knick-knack imaginable.

Reading materials? Put it in the sofa. AV equipment? Throw it in there too. Chargers? Children’s toys? Pet droppings? Yep, there’s ample space for all that and more.

Like a multi-pocket vest for the living room, this version of Quinze & Milan’s Club Sofa 01 comes with a slew of variable-sized pockets that can house everything that would otherwise end up piled on the coffee table or scattered on the floor. Who needs that mess? Using pouches patterned after the ones you’ll find on student knapsacks, you can use it to clean the living room up, leaving you with a clean space and one bulky seating furniture.

All couch details mirror the look of backpacks in Eastpak’s line, including the colorful rugged fabrics, durable zippers and stringed handles. In fact, it looks more like a pile of couple dozen bags piled together to form a sofa, instead of a regular seating furniture. If you don’t mind the dorm room aesthetic, it can certainly make a strong case for a mess-free room.

The Eastpak x Q&M Club Sofa 01 will come as part of the “Built To Resist” furniture collection, a limited-edition, numbered series slated for presentation during Milan Design Week 2010.

[via High Snobiety]