Easy Kabob Maker Turns Out Picture-Perfect Minced Meat On Sticks

Making kabobs looks easy enough. Get some ground meat, mix in your spices, and form them into sausage-shaped piles you can hold on a skewer (or an over-engineered skewer, whichever you prefer). Of course, making those cylindrical lengths look picture perfect is a lot harder, which is why the Easy Kabob Maker exists.

Designed to let you make evenly-sized, perfectly-cylindrical kabobs every time, the accessory handles the work of shaping each bundle of meat and loading them onto a skewer, eliminating the need to manually form each length painstakingly. No more curved kabobs or misshapen ones with some sections bigger than others – this thing lets you make picture-perfect lengths of meat that will make your kabobs look like professional restaurant fare.

The Easy Kabob Maker comes in the shape of a kitchen blow torch that’s mounted on top of a gas canister, so it’s going to look perfectly at home in any kitchen. To use, simply load your seasoned minced meat from the bottom opening, then put in the bottom cover to keep it from falling. From there, you put a stick through the barrel on top, then push the device down to push the meat towards the stick, which will then wrap a perfectly-shaped pile around it. Once you get the length of kabob you want, simply stop pushing down, cut the meat, and take out the rest of the stick. Done, you’ve got one kabob finished. From there, you just do the same things until you get all the servings you want.

It requires no batteries to run, since the meat extraction is initiated by simply pushing down on the device (pressure pushes the meat out towards the top barrel, prompting the skewer to move forward), making it relatively hassle-free to use. According to the outfit, by the way, it will work with any kind of metal or wood skewer, provided they measure 5mm thick or less. Heck, you can probably even use this without any skewers, as it will just dispense cylindrical-shaped lengths of meat like any regular sausage press.

The Easy Kabob Maker is made up of just three parts, all of which can be separated for easy cleaning, making it quite the convenient food prep tool. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, so you can just throw it in with the rest of the dishes after dinner for proper cleaning. No word on how much meat you can fit in the chamber at a time, so if you’re preparing kabobs for a family dinner or a party, you will have to load up multiple times. Even with that, it’s still pretty convenient, considering how picture perfect those kebabs end up looking.

While designed for kebabs, you can use this for, pretty much, any sausage-shaped food item. The outfit, in fact, recommends, using it for homemade hotdogs, sausages, cookie dough sticks, hamburger rolls, and similar dishes. Basically, if you want to make any food in a small-diameter cylindrical shape, this tool offers an easy way to form them accordingly.

The Easy Kabob Maker is available now.

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