Survival Reading: Eat A Bug Cookbook

Surviving in post-apocalypse times isn’t just about preparedness.  Your stock of Gourmet Food In A Can will run out eventually, after all.  Being ready for doomsday means being able to make do with what you can find.  And when it comes to nourishment, that often means subsisting on those pesky critters that keep surviving the worst earthly disasters.  The Eat A Bug Cookbook will help you on that end.

This revised edition of the 1998 original revisits the topic, updating it with new information to keep you up to speed on how to dine like a king on crickets, spiders and their ilk.  Sure, there’s probably no honest way to parlay eating cockroaches into a royal dinner, but it’s, at least, better than eating dirt.

Written by David George Gordon, the Eat A Bug Cookbook offers 40 ways to prepare a variety of bugs and insects into palatable dishes fit for a meal.  From cricket pasta salads to white chocolate wax worm cookies to deep-fried tarantulas, it provides instructions for tested recipes that the product page describes as “fun, exciting and downright delicious.”  Apart from regaling you with recipes fit for a horror movie, the book presents information about the positive aspects of entomogaphy (which, apparently, is the term for eating bugs — serious), which is being hailed as a more sustainable source of protein, so you can feel self-righteous and earth-friendly while snacking on ants in the cafeteria. And just in case the apocalypse does happen, wiping out all the cows, pigs and chickens in the world — the book includes tips on how to sustainably raise and harvest your own farm of bugs.

The Eat A Bug Cookbook is available from Amazon, priced at $16.99.

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