Eatensil Combines Seven Utensils In A Single Case

If you’d rather not use one of those disposable plastic utensils when eating on the go, you might as well pack your own.  Problem is, carrying  a bunch of cutlery isn’t the most convenient thing to do.  Unless you’ve got the Eatensil.

Made by Just Eat, the pocket contraption is just like a Swiss Knife.  Except instead of wire cutters, scissors and screwdrivers, the handy instrument packs a number of eating tools that keep you ready, no matter what pile of slosh ends up on your plate.

The Eatensil combines seven eating utensils in a single case: a spoon, a fork, a knife, a wooden chip fork, chopsticks, a bottle opener and even a pizza cutter.   Most of the tools flip out of the central compartment similar to Swiss Army Knives, although the chopsticks  pull  out of from one end, while the bottle opener sits right on the body.

If you like eating on the go with no idea what you’ll be craving for later in the day, we can’t imagine a better culinary tool to have in hand.  Clam chowder?  Check.  Yang Chow Fried Rice?  Check. A juicy piece of steak?  Probably not ideal, but check (hey, there’s a knife in there).

While this version of the Eatensil is a tad too big to my liking, it could be a good starting design.  At its current size, it’s a bit too bulky to cram into a pocket, but should fit nicely inside a moderately stuffed bag.  Plus, I want a can opener and a pepper dispenser to be added somewhere in there.

[via Pocket Lint]