Eazy Wallz Dresses Your Home In Custom Murals

Your walls — they used to be boring.   So you painted them over and now they look boring again.  Next time, spruce them up the sure-fire way with Eazy Wallz, whose peel and stick wall murals will make your home decorating as easy as slapping a sticker on your car windshield.

Sure, wall decals aren’t anything new.  Usually, though, you only get access to pre-made designs with little room in the way of personalization.   Not here.  With the service, you can choose literally any image you’d like printed, allowing you to throw up whatever cute, funky or perverse design you can whip up on Photoshop (or steal from Flickr, whichever the case may be).

Eazy Wallz makes self-adhesive woven fabric murals that mimic the look and feel of thin-panel canvas so they stick flat to your walls.  Meant for long-term use, the material won’t rip, wrinkle, tear, shrink or curl over time.  They’re also humidity-proof and can be cleaned with water, so you can stick the panels on high-moisture areas (like bathroom walls) without any problems.

The entire decal can be reused multiple times, with removal easily accomplished in seconds without leaving any residue on the wall surface.   Aside from walls, they also recommend using them for sprucing up furniture, windows, cabinets, doors and other flat surfaces.

If you ever wished you can have a wall decked with nothing but a blown-up backside shot of Nicki Minaj, we’re pretty sure Eazy Wallz can get it done (provided you can scrounge up a photo).  Careful, though, that chick’s buns look scary.  Prices start at $120.

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