eBoard Neo Adds Brush Motor, Remote And One-Touch Braking System To Skateboard, Looks Crazy Fun


Skateboarding is fun, but pushing those wheels with your feet can get kind of tiring.  Ride that board like you’re on a perpetual downward slope with the eBoard Neo, an electric skateboard that propels you forward all on its own.  Eat that, Tony Hawk.

Technically an RC car, you won’t have to do fancy balancing tricks to ride the battery-powered X-Games staple.   Instead, it comes with its own wireless controller for operating the brush motor.  Reached your destination?  Simply hit a button on the remote console and automatically activate the braking system.  No skills, other than a decent sense of balance, needed.


How fast can it go?  According to Xero EV, the eBoard Neo can perform at a top speed of 14mph, accelerating from 0 to max in only four seconds.  I don’t know if you can imagine that, but it sounds extremely fast for something that sits underneath your feet.  Better hope you got good balance.  Otherwise, send me YouTube videos of you falling over.  We’ll totally laugh.  Promise.

The electric RC skateboard packs a 400-watt brush motor that draws power from a 24V rechargeable battery.  It can be fully charged in as little as three hours, providing up to 13.5 miles of effort-free skating.  Max load is just a little over 200 pounds, however, so grizzly bears and full-grown tigers can’t ride it.  Not that any of them would, I’m just saying…

You can ignore the gun on the promo pics – it doesn’t come as an optional component on the board.  Would have been cool if it was, though.  Can you picture robbing a convenience store and using the eBoard Neo for your getaway, all for $360?