Eco-Blast Refillable Air Horn Lets You Annoy People For Years

You love loud noises, but have sworn off air horns because you’re not into the wasteful nature of throwaway cans of gas.  Hold your eco-friendly head up high because you can now enjoy noise pollution without the guilt.  Presenting, the Eco-Blast Refillable Air Horn.

Instead of disposable canisters, this “greener” solution lets you replenish it by simply filling it with air once it’s run out of blowing power.  Just pull out the air pump (it comes bundled with a hand unit), stick it to the pin and begin loading the container with a fresh supply.  You can, literally, use it to irritate people for years.

The Eco-Blast Refillable Air Horn measures 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  Granted, it’s a bit bigger than your typical portable canister, but it’s one you can refill over and over for virtually unlimited use.  Each  80-psi filling can deliver 50 ear-shattering blasts that last for half a second each.

It has volume control (so you can manage the loudness when needed) and has no throwaway parts (so it’s completely in line with your eco credentials).  Unless your eco credentials require you not to make any irritating noise, that is, which is so horrifyingly not fun.

Eco-Blast Refillable Air Horn is available here for $29.99.