Eco Terra Waterproof Boombox Will Even Play Music While You Drown

If you’re going to take a boombox out to the beach or the woods, you better make sure it can survive the elements.  So far, few modern boomboxes we’ve seen offer the same kind of durability as the Grace Digital Eco Terra.

Certified according to IPX-7 standards, the portable noise machine is fully submersible in water, all without wreaking havoc on any of its parts.  And, yes, you can submerge it with your iPod docked inside.  Neither the boombox hardware nor the mobile player will be harmed.  When put in water, the device is designed to float, so you can listen to endless repeats of your favorite tunes whether you’re chilling in the pool or fending off sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s shock-resistant, too, so all that moving around won’t create any problems for your modern-day ghetto blaster.

The Grace Digital Eco Terra is one burly-looking boombox that you shouldn’t mistake for anything but a rugged gadget as soon as you lay eyes on it.  Sporting a pair of 3-inch full-range speakers, it should do a decent job of playing your mermaid-attracting music while you enjoy a sunny day at the beach.  If you’d rather listen in private (because you seem to keep attracting jellyfish), no problem, as it comes with a waterproof audio jack, as well.  Just pair it with waterproof headphones and you’ll be good to go.

The waterproof compartment that nestles your music player is spacious enough to hold small necessities, too, such as keys, credit cards and cash.  Additionally, it features a uniquely-designed exterior pressure release valve that makes opening the compartment easy even in low and high altitudes.  On the go, it can draw power from four C-cell batteries (good for 25 hours); at home, just plug it into a wall outlet.

You can pick up the Grace Digital Eco Terra now, priced at $149.99.

[Source: Grace Digital]