Cool Down Your Tent This Summer With The EcoFlow Wave Portable Airconditioner

Whether you’re spending the summer frolicking in the beach, hanging around the campsite, or cooling down by the lake, chances are, you’re doing it while enjoying the clear skies and warm temperatures of the season. However, not everyone enjoys the hot, humid, and dry vibe of the summer months – some people like to enjoy the clear skies without having to live with all the sweat and discomfort it entails. The EcoFlow Wave is designed for those folks.

A portable air conditioner, it’s a device around the size of a large portable power station, so you can throw it in the back of the car, ready to cool you down at the tent, the cabin, or the collapsible shelter you put up when you’re chilling at the beach. Even better, it’s pretty powerful, allowing you to adequately cool down a small space, so your two-person tent  can feel as comfortable in the middle of summer as your airconditioned bedroom at home.

The EcoFlow Wave is a portable air conditioner that boasts “the world’s most powerful cooling and longest run time.” It’s equipped with a cooling capacity of 4,000 BTU, which is well under the 9,000 BTU capacity of a standard 1HP window unit. However, being a portable unit that’s only going to be used to cool down tents and other small spaces, it should have enough cooling muscle to get the job done. Specifically, the outfit claims it can lower the temperature in a 64-square-foot room from 30 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius in just eight minutes.

It uses a compressor that claims to keep the output at steady levels, ensuring a continuous cooling experience that contrasts to the temperature fluctuations all too common in similar portable units. Yes, it’s an inverter compressor, too, so it should consume less energy than traditional cooling appliances.

The EcoFlow Wave comes with a 1,008Wh add-on battery (good for three to eight hours, depending on cooling and fan settings) that can be connected and removed as needed, so you can swap in a new battery at any time. When connected to the device, the battery can be charged from a wall outlet, a car charger, or via a solar charging input, so you have plenty of options available to keep it replenished. You can also hook it up to a portable power station (naturally, the outfit is recommending their own models) to extend the runtime even longer.

Unlike typical air conditioners, the outfit claims users won’t need to drain water from the device. Instead, it redirects any condensation water to the integrated heat tube, causing it to evaporate. Do note, it won’t always be drip-free, as you will need to drain water when humidity is above 70 percent, which will create too much condensation for the heat tube to evaporate all on its own. Details include a total weight of 38.5 pounds, 55 decibels noise level, and easy to use dial controls with a built-in display in the middle.

The EcoFlow Wave is now available for preorder. Price starts at $1,799 (unit plus add-on battery).

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