eCool Will Keep Your Beer Cold By Burying It Underground

The eCool is a device focused on doing one and one thing only: cooling your beer. Instead of being filled with ice (like a cooler) or plugged into a wall outlet (like a fridge), however, it’s designed to be buried on the ground. No, really.

Described as an “earth cooler,” you put warm cans of beer (or any canned beverage) inside eCool’s multiple chambers, bury it on the ground, and let the temperature of the soil a few feet down keep it chilled. We’re guessing this will work best in areas with cooler-than-tropical climates (it’s a Danish invention), although it will be interesting to see how it fares in different parts of the world.

To retrieve your beers from the eCool, pop up the top (which, by the way, is shaped like a bottle cap) and twist on the crank to raise one of the buried beers from its grave. Pick up a couple of cold ones, replace them with warm cans, and set the top back down. The entire thing measures around four feet tall (you’ll need to dig a pretty deep hole), with the capacity to hold up to 24 cans at a time. For installation, they recommend using a garden drill, although hardcore strongmen can use their Shovel Master if they’re up to the task. Yes, people who fancy themselves cavemen can always dig the hole with their hands.

Does it sound impractical? Yes. How about unnecessary? Yes. Is it going to be awesome showing off a cold can of beer rising from the ground at your next backyard barbecue? Absolutely.

Now available for pre-order, the eCool is priced at 1,895 kroner (about $300).

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