EcoSmart Fire Stix Is A Campfire Burning Over Piles Of Steel

We’ve seen plenty of sweet-looking outdoor fireplaces before.  One more to fawn over wouldn’t hurt and the EcoSmart Fire Stix sure is striking enough to be in that category.

Fashioned by the Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio, the outdoor hearth is a recent recipient of the Australian International Design Award.  It’s no surprise, given just how functional and elegant this stylish creation appears to be.

The Stix is a bioethanol-powered outdoor fireplace intentionally styled to look like a standing campfire.   Constructed from stainless steel, it features varying-sized tubes arranged in a cone shape around the burner, a structure meant to keep people at a safe distance from the fire.   All 304 stainless steel parts are precisely-fabricated and stuck together using invisible welds before being brushed by hand.

Meant to function as a stable and portable campfire of sorts, the tripod-inspired design should keep it standing on any surface, while the padded feet should stop it from leaving scratches when you set it on floors.  Of course, the whole “portable” quality begins to lose some steam when you realize this is an all-steel contraption — no word on how much it weighs, but it couldn’t possibly be that light.  It uses an AB3 burner, with a 3-liter fuel container good for 8 hours of fire.

We’re not sure about pricing or availability, but the EcoSmart Fire Stix is definitely one of the more elegant “campfire” solutions we’ve ever laid eyes on.  You can learn more from the  Australian International Design Awards page dedicated to it.

[via Australian International Design Awards]