Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer Offers Rugged Outdoor Living For Four

Few companies have been dressing up outdoorsmen of all inclinations longer than Eddie Bauer.  That’s why the Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer is such a fitting collaboration.

Sure, Eddie Bauer’s recent attempts at peddling to the mass market have all but messed up a once great outdoor brand.  Paired with Airstream, however, you get a feeling that this is the Eddie Bauer you knew back when they produced the best flannel shirts that survived the ravages of time.

Outside, the Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer bears the RV brand’s iconic silver bullet design — that classic and timeless shape that’s been the hallmark of caravanning chic for many years.  Inside, it plays host to a customized Eddie Bauer décor, which  include maple and soapstone laminates, quilted bedding,  fossilized leaf pattern roof locker doors, stain-resistant Sunbrella upholstery and a queen-size bed.

The sturdy aluminum body is held up by premium oversized Michelin tires, providing better ground clearance and rugged wheel-well cladding to keep off-road debris away.  A unique sport hatch sits at the rear, allowing you to load and unload large outdoor gear like bikes, kayaks and dinosaur shackles.  Other features include a roll-down screen for the hatch (so you can leave it open without letting the bugs in)  and a handheld exterior shower (in case you have a jungle lady coming over for dinner).

Measuring 25 feet long, the Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer can bunk you and up to three girlfriends during your next outdoor adventure.  It will hit showrooms in February, priced at $73,702.

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