Edelkrone StandPlus Is An Innovative Self-Locking Tripod Alternative


A tripod can make a whole lot of difference with any shot you take, which is why you always carry one whenever you spend the day outside taking snaps. And while we don’t think the Edelkrone StandPlus will replace it any time soon, we have a feeling some jobs usually reserved for tripods can be better accomplished with this new “camera stand” in tow.

Unlike tripods that will require you to extend it to just the right height and turn a bunch of knobs to lock in place, it comes with pivoting hinges that can maintain their position all on their own. That means, no more time-consuming setups – you simply pull on the stand’s legs at the height that you want and start snapping photos.


The Edelkrone StandPlus doesn’t just let you adjust the height, as you can also easily adjust how close or how far the camera is positioned from the subject, since the legs can lock even at an angle. There aren’t much details yet, so we don’t know what angles are possible, but there appears to be a whole load of possible positions, making for quite the versatile photography tool.  It uses folding legs that collapse into a 20-inch long base when not in use, with small wheels at the bottom that should allow it to move around like a dolly while you’re taking pictures. Granted, those small wheels mean this thing is designed for studios and similarly even grounds, so we doubt it will be of much use if you like taking photos along backcountry trails.

No word yet on availability or pricing, but you can sign up over at Edelkrone’s website to learn more.

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